Some tips on reading your Bible

bibleWith the coming of the new year, many people like to make New Years resolutions. I’m not a big fan of them, what I would encourage you to do is read more of your Bible this coming year.

Here are some tips:

1. Instead of saying you’re going to read x number of chapters, I would set aside a certain amount of time for your reading and Bible study. If you read, three or four chapters and don’t understand anything then it’s not really benefiting your any. If you read one verse and understand it and it speaks to you then that is so much better.

2. As you read something if you don’t understand it then make sure to look it up in a dictionary or a reference book.

3. Pray before you read that God will speak to you.

4. Keep a notebook as you read and keep notes, thoughts, questions you have etc. When you get finished reading for the day, make sure to jot down what your thoughts were on the passages that you read.

5.  Don’t just read but study, and don’t just study but make it a goal to memorize a few verses every week.

6. Put the principles you’re reading about into ACTION.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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