Taking Your Kids back – 2 – Train them when they are young

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I would like to start off the series by talking to those that have younger children… the one’s that aren’t using facebook or the internet or cell phones yet. Setting rules while they are young is much easier than setting (or changing) them when they are older.

I have a daughter who is almost 13. We have had strict rules about using the internet (and the computer) for a long time. Here are some rules that we have and you can adjust them as you wish. Ask God for guidance as you train your child.

1. We use the internet with our daughter. We teach her how to use it so that she doesn’t get into trouble. We’ve taught her about viruses, opening attachments etc. We’ve played games with her on the computer since she was five or six. When she has questions about the computer we listen to her.

2. We’ve set a strict limit on when / how she can use the computer / phone. She can use it when we are awake. If she’s using it in her room then the door needs to be open.

3. As she ventured into facebook and myspace we became friends with her and her friends. This was not a request.We did not however tell her who she could choose as her friends.

4. We have had access to her accounts (she shares with us the usernames and passwords). Again that is not an option.

5. If she gets a message that is not in the best taste then she shares it with us and that in itself is a great teaching moment.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas. Have a wonderful day.

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