Spending time with your Kids

Berry cold
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We did have some snow over the weekend. Not as much as they predicted, but we did have about 6 inches or so. Today we are having some freezing rain which is worse than snow any day of the week. We’re supposed to get more snow this weekend.

Today we’re up a little early working on getting our work done. Today is my daughters 13th birthday and they don’t have any school today, so her request to me was to ‘play’ with her this afternoon. If you think back to when you were growing up, what are the times you remember. Was it that shiny new toy that you got, or was it the time you spent with your parents. The Bible teaches us to train up a child in the way, unfortunately these days many of our children get their training in front of the television.

Spend some time with your child, listen to them… it may seem a little weird at first for both of you, but if you really listen, then pretty soon they will really start talking to you. Don’t just ask the same old questions like ‘how was school today’. If they say fine, then dig deeper, ask them what made it fine.

Who is training your children?

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