#32 – New Christian Bootcamp – Tactics Satan Uses

# 32 Satan is alive and well, and living on planet Earth.  How true.  I used to tour the ready rooms of all the squadrons aboard the Kittyhawk, and they all had training posters.  One that hit me was, “Know your enemy.”  The poster told about enemy aircraft, their weapons, and their weaknesses.

It also hit me that we are in a war between God and Satan.  Why?  We must each find out for ourselves, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Satan’s primary tactics are to reduce us to his control through our own worst failings.

*Greed.  The irrational desire for things we don’t need and can’t use.  It shows up worst in gamblers.  We should be responsible with our finances and share the wealth.

*Lust.  The irrational desire for pleasures of the flesh, beyond its’ wholesome role it plays in marriage.  We should be madly in love with our spouse, which begets children, who also deserve the nurture of a Godly family.

*Envy.  The irrational desire to be like everyone else.  We should emulate a sound example but just conforming to fads is madness.  We should emulate Christ, growing as we can, consistently and happily.

*Pride.  The irrational demand to get our way regardless that it is not the best course of action.  We should do what makes good sense and work together.

*Selfishness.  The irrational desire for first consideration in everything.  We should take turns with our duties and pleasures, orderly, as God has asked of us.

*Anger.  The irrational over-reaction to innocent or unintentional wrongs.  We should learn to forgive and forget, as God has forgiven us and forgotten our sins.

*Laziness.  The irrational desire to avoid work, rest excessively, and foist our duties on others.  We must motivate ourselves to do the best that God put in us if we are to be fit stewards of His mercy.

*Fear.  The irrational thought that we are subject to harm when no actual danger exists or repetitive suspicions of others’ actions.  We must show the courage Christ showed when He handed Himself over to the Romans to be crucified.

*Superstition.  Irrational beliefs (generally of an occult nature) that do not meet the tests of Scripture, inspiration, or reason.  That includes cults.

When we overcome our most unreasonable failings, we grow.  The course takes exactly one lifetime.  It may be short or long, but by the time a child hits puberty, he has made most of these decisions.  All the rest of life is meant to refine them.

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