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Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

The RBC started in 1938 with a radio show. Now there devotional guides are found in over 30 languages all over the world.

I have fond memories of the daily bread, because when I was growing up that was the foundation for our families devotional time every day. My Dad uses at least one reference from the daily bread in each of his sermons (and sometimes more). I try to include it in my devotional time each morning.

Here is the link for that daily devotional.

The site has a ton of other good information, including archives for old issues, a great search engine for past topics, blogs, free articles and more. Definitely a great site to browse thru.

What’s happening the rest of this week.

Weds. we’ll be continuing our series of Taking Back our Kids. Friday we’ll be talking about something (I’m sure the Lord will give us guidance between now and then). The other days we’ll be working on making some tweaks to the site.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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